Chung Dam Spa & Fitness offers Franchise opportunities.

J.C. Yoo, Inc. is an S-corporation dba Chung Dam Spa that filed for incorporation on July 9, 2004 in Pennsylvania. Mr. Yoo, President and Founder of the corporation is owner and operator of Chung Dam Spa.

Chung Dam Spa offers unforgettable services such as Japanese Shiatsu massage, Chinese acupressure deep tissue massage, Korean body scrub (exfoliation of dead skin cells) foot reflexology, and other regular massage. We have a unique facility which includes a Hot Salt room (130˚F), Hot Clay with Charcoal room (120˚F), Warm Jade room (97˚F) and Salt Dry Sauna. The company is performing excellently and wishes to share a successful system with prospective franchisees who are passionate about health and well-being.

Mission Vision / Statement – Community Resource

To provide the community with an all-in-one facility which features unique amenities such as Jim Jil-Bang (hot salt room-130 degree, Hot yellow clay with charcoal room-120 degree, Warm jade room-98 degree), Hot salt sauna, Hot tub, High pressure water massage, Foot Reflexology, whole body scrub and magic hand massage to create a high quality of life.

Competitive Advantage

Chung Dam Spa has an advantage over other facilities that would consider themselves competition… due to the fact that no other spa presents the unique features and complete services we offer.

Initial Expenses

1. Construction cost and overall processing fee: $150,000 – $700,000

2. Franchise fee: $25,000

3. Royalty: 6% of gross revenue

4. Advertising: 1% of gross revenue

We Offer Support Services such as:

1. Start-Up Support

  • Help with site selection
  • Help with facilities design and planning
  • Help selecting certified contractors
  • Help with hiring and training staff
  • Grand opening promotion planning

2. Comprehensive Training

  • Hands-on training at an active location
  • On-site training at your facility
  • Marketing and Sales training
  • Ongoing field consultation and training

3. Exclusive Programs and Equipment

  • Use of the Chung Dam Spa name and logo
  • Use of Chung Dam Spa software
  • Use of Chung Dam Spa confidential systems and techniques
  • Use of Chung Dam Spa customized equipment

4. On-going Support

  • Program enhancements and updates
  • Consultation and field support
  • New product and services upgrade
  • Periodic meetings for Marketing and Sales